I grew up with the guidance, teaching and love of my parents, both Rural Primary School Teachers, with them, I experienced the great opportunity of being outdoors and in touch with nature all time. I was climbing trees, cheesing butterflies, listening the frogs and toads, watching at night the stars in the open, clear and bright sky in a small town of Mexico.

I was able to enjoy so many things such as: to see the farmers and my parents grow vegetables, running in the open field, seeing the wild flowers and the small animals; at night, after work I listened stories of frightfulness; during the mornings, I hear the birds singing and I saw the light coming through my widow.

In the mornings I smell the aromas of the huazontles, nopales, quelites, quentoniles, verdolagas, papalos, berros, frijoles quebrados, cuiclacoches, chapulines, calostros and much more coming from my mom’s kitchen.

The mountains, trees, streams, flowers, small and big creatures all over the place, in which the sounds, landscapes and the contact with nature mingled with it, to develop my sensitivity and my senses; nature, my parents, family, friends and the world were the first impressions of my childhood.

My father and I played doing drawing, painting, making sculptors with clay, flour, etc.; and with my mother: needle point, crochet, sewing, cross-stitch; both taught to listen music and , poetry; by age of five I was able to read, so LIFE Magazine, Readers Digest, the newspaper, and the Classics, were part of my childhood. Today I believe that all these combined (nature, the outside world and what I learned from my parents before I was seven), were and are the keys that hold me during all these years, to finally open myself to life into the world and journey of Fine Arts (Painting, drawing, photography, poetry and short stories).

So, these is why I keep painting, learning and living through my paintings.

With love,

y Lezama.



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